What is Ayurveda?

The wisdom of ancient science has been presented before the world as Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a natural source of health boosting and recovering substances. Passed on from the generations of sages, Ayurveda has been recognized as the reliable and permanent type of treatment. Irrespective of social factors of personality traits such as age, height, weight, skin type and similar features, the treatment of Ayurveda can be availed by any person. Ayurveda revolves round the herbs, flowers and essential oils extracted from the natural sources. The formulation of herbal decoctions, oil and natural ingredients isre further utilized for proper treatment.

Ayurvedic treatment is led by the detoxification or cleansing of the body. The natural process of detoxification or panchakarma is much more powerful than modern times’ initial modes of treatment. What makes Panchakarma different from modern medication is its phenomenal and totally natural mechanism! In fact, it is the passage to successful treatment in Ayurveda for all the diseases. It is believed that lots of toxins enter in a human body through different sources. These toxins are among major cause of interruption in the proper functioning of body. This blockage leads to development of ailments.

Thus, Ayurveda has always recommended draining out all the toxins from body through Panchakarma. Since, this procedure makes the final output through Ayurvedic medication makes sure-shot, it should not be skipped. Moreover, a detoxified body can respond to a medication swiftly as compared to a toxin-filled body. Among the common sources of toxins, food is the very source which can rapidly be accumulated in body. Street food or food cooked in unhygienic conditions may contain harmful toxins. These toxins have a tendency to affect the quality life of an individual. In fact, the treatment of Ayurveda might get delayed or lesser effective if the body is not detoxified. All in all, the Ayurvedic medicines are formulated with nature’s essence which makes their usage completely safe.

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