Stress Management program, Yoga and Meditation

stress management

"Stress", a common word we hear these days, is in simple terms can be defined as the gap between our demands from life and the reality. This gap results in our being feeling anxiety, restless, disturbed, frustrated, uneasy, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, increased anger and sometimes relationship troubles.

What causes Stress? The causes of stress can be defined as environment related - noise, pollution, bright lights, heat, Social - aggressive or rude behavior of people we meet, some life changing events like losing job or missing a promotion, death of someone dear or just simple daily hassles like commuting to our workplace or standing in queue for day-to-day work, sudden mechanical breakdowns, etc. Some other factors contributing to increased stress level are lifestyle choices like not getting enough sleep, increased caffeine intake, etc., adding to this is negative thinking or unrealistic expectations or even just trying to be a perfectionist.

Stress can put a big impact on our body, mind and soul. In terms of body, it impacts our digestive system making our body weak internally, resulting in increased or decreased appetite. It can also impact our immune system leaving our body more susceptible to illness and infections. Stress also puts a major impact on our Nervous and Cardiovascular system.

As per Ayurveda, an imbalance or lack of co-ordination of three major mental functions is the main cause of our getting stressed. These three are namely, Dhi means 'learning', Dhriti means 'retention and Smriti meaning 'memory'. Lack of Ojas energy also adds to the stress levels.

Panchakarma therapies are considered to be very helpful in dealing with stress and form a major part of the 'Stress Management Program' of Ayurveda. Panchakarma is a complete process which gets to the root cause of problem and corrects the balance of Doshas in body thereby relieving stress as also contributing to a healthy mental state to manage stress. Along with specific Ayurvdic therapies likes like Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Shirovasthi, Talam, Thalapothichil, Pizchil etc., oral herbal medications are administered. Special Ayurvedic diet to detox our body and improve well-being is provided. Yoga and Meditation form an important part of the Stress Management program to keep our mind calm and tension free.

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