Rejuvenation Package

Rejuvenation package

Due to our current lifestyle and the circumstances beyond our control i.e. food quality, pollution, etc., toxins and free radicals keep accumulating in the body. Also, the constant metabolic activities keep producing toxins and free radicals and this leads to wear and tear of the body.

In the modern world, people have started depending on the lastest cosmetic products and medical treatments, the Rejuvenation program with Ayurveda is aimed at elimination of toxins from the body and restoring vigor and vitality, thereby resulting in enhanced immunity. Some of the major benefits of Rejuvenation therapy are removal of toxins from the body, preserve health and longevity, improves skin complexion, increases immunity and resistance to diseases and also slows the ageing process.

A detailed personal Consultation with the Doctors, results in chalking out a complete Rejuvenation program depending upon the body type and health conditon of the person, wherein special diet is provided, certain specific treatments/thereapies/massages are given. Yoga and Meditation sessions, combined with the ayurvedic treatments further helps in increasing the results of treatments given.

You may think that you are a healthy person, but the fact is that in today's world, it is not possible that our body does not accumulate toxins and free radicals resulting in great harm to our body. Hence, it is very important to go for Ayurveda Rejuvenation program for a healthier you.

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