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Other Health Related

Other health related

Ayurveda goes a long way in handling all health related problems. Ayurveda focuses on removal of root cause of the problem, thereby gaining permanent relief. The treatments generally include various therapies, massages, herbal medicines, decoctions, medicated oils, etc. To get most out of Ayurveda, a complete plan is created for treatment which includes various therapies/massages/treatments alongwith a special diet plan, exercise routing, changes in lifestyle. Yoga & Meditation also form an important part of ayurveda treatments as they help in improving the desired results.

Many health related problems can be handled and managed with ayurveda, some of which are :

- Back pain

- Arthritis

- Diabetes

- Allergies

- Asthma

- Migrains

- Obesity

- Stress

- Osteoarthritis

- Neck & spine problems

- Old age care

Do let us if you are looking for some specific treatment and we shall suggest the right course of treatment after consulting the Ayurveda Doctor.

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