In and around Trivandrum

Trivandrum is a beautiful place that has a lot sceneries and nature to offer to you. Trivandrum is located in Southern India which is already well known for its cleanliness and greenery. Trivandrum houses a number of beaches, temples and other such places which will surely stun you. Here is an article which has a list of all the wonderful places that you should surely visit while staying or traveling in Trivndrum.

  • Shanghumgham beach-- This is one of the most popular beaches in Trivandrum. It has mere 10kms distance from Trivandrum railway station which makes it even more accessible for the tourists. There are various attractions due to which the tourists specially visit the beach such as star fish shaped restaurant and sculptures. Shanghumgham beach is observed to be crowded on various holidays and weekends.
    Shanghumgham beach

  • Neyyar dam and wildlife sanctuary-The Neyyar dam is built over the Neyyar River and the wildlife sanctuary is built on the foot of Western Ghats. This sanctuary is spread over an area of 128 sq. kms. This sanctuary is the natural habitat of various species of plants, flowers, herbs and animals. You will be able to witness exquisite species which you will find nowhere else. You can also enjoy boating with your loved ones at Neyyar dam. Neyyar dam and wildlife sanctuary

  • Ponmudi-Ponmudi is the closest hill station available from Trivandrum. It is one of the perfect weekend getaway spots for the residents of Kerala. Ponmudi is a beauty in its own way. It has beautiful mountain views, greenery, tea and spice plantations along with natural springs. Ponmudi has a variety of medical herbs and wildlife which makes it even more unique. You will be able to visit parks and sanctuary while traveling to Ponmudi. Ponmudi houses various animal species which have been declared endangered which makes it a popular destination. Ponmudi

  • Kollam-Kollam has always been one of the oldest Kerala backwaters destinations. It is an old sea port city. Kollam had strong trade importance during the chera dynasty. Apart from this, kollam a number of sightseeing options to offer to you. You could visit beaches, lakes and islands for your recreational activities. Kollam

  • Agasthyakadoom- Agasthyakadoom is the second highest peak in Kerala which is located in Western Ghats. The river kallar originates from these hills. It is considered to be a holy abode for both Buddhists and Hindus because of their history related to these hills. It is a great option for all the trekking and nature lovers. You could also opt for a guided night whole trek and an overnight camp stay in the forest which will give more time with nature.\ Agasthyakadoom

Trivandrum can quench all your spiritual and fun desires all in one place. Trivandrum has a lot to offer to all the tourists visiting the city. There is something for a person belonging to every age group. The beaches, mountain peaks and wildlife habitats are worth a watch. Plan your next vacation to Trivandrum with your loved ones and experience nature and natural beauty and greenery at its best.

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