In and around Cochin

Cochin is one of the most beautiful cities of South India which is a great blend of beauty, natural greenery and environment. There are a number of places that should be on your must travel list while you are on your way to Cochin. Take a look at the below article and get an idea about some of the most popular places in Cochin.

  • Fort Kochi-- This fort is one of the best places of the city. The place is full of water covered regions around it. The place is also known as old Kochi or west Kochi. This part of Kochi is a small fishing village which originally known as the old Kochi was renamed as fort Kochi. The place has beautiful scenic views and is great for spending some time in the natural water environment.
    Fort Kochi

  • Cherai beach-Cherai beach is extremely popular for its sunset views and scenic environment. You will also find calm and serene blue water body along with palm trees and golden sand beach and is a perfect place for a day out picnic. Another great point about Cherai beach is that it has been untouched so far and therefore it was able to keep its natural beauty intact. Cherai beach

  • Athirapally-Athirapally is one of the most popular getaway spots for people from Kochi and Munnar. After a 15 minute walk, one can easily reach the top of falls and enjoy a splendid view. If you are willing to enjoy some water time then you could travel down to the bottom of the falls and enjoy swimming in the serene waters. You can spot various fresh water species in the Athirapally falls. These falls are a perfect spot for all nature and water lovers and even adventure lovers. Athirapally

  • Bolgatty Palace-Bolgatty palace was built by The Dutch in 1744 in Kochi and is one of the oldest Dutch palaces built outside Holland. The place has a complete rustic look which embarks the superb architecture of the British such as wooden framed glass windows and grandeur interiors. This palace is a blend of history and beauty which was later commercialized when it was converted into a historical resort. Bolgatty Palace

  • Mattancherry Palace-Another great palace situated in the land of Kerala is the Mattancherry palace which is a portugese palace built by the Dutch. This palace was a gift to the raja of Cochin which was renovated few times and presently it is a popular portrait gallery of the Rajas of Cochin. The murals in this palace signify Hindu traditions and customs which is another attraction for Hindu tourists. The architecture of Mattancherry palace is a perfect blend of British and Kerala architecture. Mattancherry Palace

Cochin has beautiful beaches, palaces and natural greenery which make a perfect holiday destination for all. You could enjoy some ferry and boat rides as well to enjoy the feel of the waters. The above mentioned places cannot be missed when you visit Cochin if you want to make your trip memorable.

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