Day at Ayurveda Centre

Everyone looking for Ayurveda treatments is curious to know when the treatments would be provided, when will I get to see the Doctor, will I get some free time to relax and many more. We bring you an insight into how will be an ideal day at the Ayurveda Centre :

6.30 am - Wake up to have your herbal tea.

7.00 am - Yoga session with Sun salutations & standing poses.

9.00 am - Breakfast

10.00 am - Doctor Consultation

10.30 am - Therapy as advised by the Doctor. This generally includes a full body Ayurveda Massage along with Herbal Steam/Shirodhara/Weight Loss therapy etc. as per the line of treatment chalked out by the Doctor.

1.00 pm - Lunch prepared as per body constitution of each guest.

3.00 pm - Relaxing and restorative yoga specifically designed to be done after lunch.

4:30 pm - Minor treatment for the day is given for a localized part of body which needs special attention – Back/Neck/Knees or therapies for Eyes etc or just rejuvenation therapy.

5.30 pm - Evening tea & snacks. After tea, go for walking, trekking, bird watching, familiarize with herbal garden or just read in the library.

7.00 pm - Dinner is served. An early sleep is recommended to start an early day.

The above is only an indication of how a typical day would pass. It should not leave you scared that timings and routine have to be followed. These routines are prescribed to achieve maximum results possible during treatments. Yoga and Meditation are practiced to increase the benefits of Ayurveda treatments and to put you on a path of improved lifestyle. You would not even realize when the day has passed and you start looking up to the beginning of another wonderful day.

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